It reaches 68.3 million driven by geographic and business diversification

Airtificial has signed new contracts worth 20.1 million euros in the third quarter of the year. This figure represents a cumulative contracting volume in 2022 of 68.3 million euros, which shows an increase of 4.2% compared to the entire year 2021, and 15% higher than the total in 2020. In this way, the company consolidates its solid growth in all its divisions and materializes the company’s turn towards financial profitability.

Airtificial’s sectoral and geographic diversification strategy is reflected in the total amount of these new contracts, with the common denominator of the high technical specialization required by each of these projects. The clients of these contracts are top-tier companies located in Spain, Mexico, China, Peru and different European countries.

The new contracts are part of projects that require a high level of applied knowledge of technology and that provide significant added value in different areas. These include new production and assembly lines, testing or improvement of existing facilities in the automotive sector, state-of-the-art means of transport or computer systems that ensure care and respect for the environment.

Aerospace & Defense

Between July and September, the division was awarded new contracts for 1.15 million euros, reaching 8.4 million euros throughout the year. During this period, it has further expanded its area of ​​action to other sectors, such as the railway, where it will participate in the Mexican Government’s megaproject of the Mayan Train. This project is strategic for the country and is related to a train that will travel a distance of 1,500 kilometers through the southeast of Mexico.

Aerospace & Defense will develop the evacuation ladder for train cars, which will allow operators to deploy a walkway between cars and the track. This contribution of high mechanical specialization opens the door for the Company to a booming sector such as the railway.

On the other hand, this Airtificial division is working on the development of a new generation of fully automated and robotic test benches for the validation of haptic control equipment. These tactile navigation devices, like the active flight control sticks, improve the flight experience and the coordination between the crew.

The Managing Director of Airtificial, Enrique Sanz, affirms that “the set of contracts for 2022 confirms the growth potential in the sectors where the company operates, especially in a situation of great uncertainty. Thus, Airtificial reaffirms its commitment to its customers and to the modernization of the industrial fabric, and makes its effective contribution to sustainable development a reality”.