2022-11-24T09:33:47+01:0015 November 2022|Front Page, Innovation|

The AGORA project takes off to consolidate Andalusia as a benchmark in the unmanned aerial vehicles sector Airbus and Fada-Catec join forces to develop a set of technologies for the safe integration of drones in airspace The Regional Minister of University, Research and Innovation, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, has presented the AGORA project (Experimental Air Traffic Management Unit for Autonomous [...]

The Mayor of Seville values Aerópolis and ​​CATEC’s technology for space missions as a “strength” to host the Space Agency

2022-10-28T14:30:29+02:0027 October 2022|Aeropolis, Front Page|

Muñoz points out that Seville's candidacy is based on foundations as solid as those represented by CATEC and Aerópolis The mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, today received the express support of the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), managed by the Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FADA) and located in Aerópolis, for the city's candidacy to host the headquarters of [...]

CATEC applies aerial robotic technology for infrastructure inspection

2022-07-06T15:10:50+02:0026 April 2022|Innovation|

Within the PILOTING project, an aerial robot has been developed, AEROCAM, which has just carried out its first validation tests Increasing the efficiency of inspection and maintenance activities to preserve the necessary security levels of civil infrastructures aged by the passage of time has become a challenge. This is precisely the objective of the European research project PILOTING, made up [...]

The new Airbus Racer helicopter will include parts manufactured with 3D printing at CATEC

2022-09-05T12:26:03+02:009 February 2022|Innovation, Newsletter|

CATEC has contributed with the delivery of several structural components produced by additive manufacturing (3D printing), being the first ones manufactured with this technology that will fly in an Airbus helicopter The Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies, CATEC, is part of the OUTCOME consortium, which has been responsible for the design and production of the rear fuselage of the high-speed [...]

Andalucía will have an Innovation Center in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

2022-09-05T13:11:48+02:0016 November 2021|Aerospace Sector, Newsletter|

The Regional Head of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, Rogelio Velasco, has announced the decision of his department to consign in the Budgets for next year an item of 4.5 million to promote an initiative in the field of unmanned aircraft. It is the UAVs and Air Mobility Innovation Center, whose activity will focus on advances in technologies applied [...]

Airvant and Catec incorporate a drone to the Postal Service for Covid-19 disinfection in logistics areas

2022-09-05T13:34:51+02:0029 October 2021|Innovation, Newsletter|

The system has been developed within the framework of the PrevenZAL project The Sevillian company Airvant and the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) have developed and incorporated into the Malaga Post (Correos) logistics center a drone to perform Covid-19 disinfection tasks in critical spaces in the logistics sector in a short time and in an automated way. The system, [...]

Final certification of the project DREAM: drones for infrastructure inspection

2022-09-05T13:45:09+02:0021 October 2021|Innovation|

It involves the development of an infrastructure inspection and maintenance system based on drone technology in civil engineering, electrical infrastructures and petrochemical infrastructures In October the headquarters of Ingemont Technologies S.A. hosted the final certification meeting of the project DREAM (ITC-20181133): Drones to increase Efficiency, Safety and Environmental Protection in Infrastructure Maintenance. This project has been financed by the CDTI [...]

New developments within the framework of the BEST AERO FACTORY project

2022-09-05T14:00:53+02:0024 June 2021|Innovation|

FADA-CATEC has worked on a new development that allows flexible non-contact inspections using infrared thermography The BEST AERO FACTORY project is committed to the development of new technologies that can later be applied in the manufacture of more efficient and safer aircraft, improving the efficiency of aeronautical processes by reducing costs and production time. In this context, FADA-CATEC has worked [...]

CATEC and AERTEC join forces to promote the technological promotion of the UAS sector in Andalusia

2021-06-02T09:21:38+02:002 June 2021|Innovation|

This alliance, called NT-SHARE, aims to develop new disruptive technologies related to UAS that form the technological base so that in the future, applications and services with high added value can be developed for the UAS industry, with great potential in Andalusia The company AERTEC, an international technology company specialized in aeronautics and defense, and the Advanced Center for Aerospace [...]

CATEC’s robotic technology, part of the most ambitious European project on urban air mobility

2021-10-18T18:08:19+02:0030 April 2021|Innovation|

The Andalusian technology center, based in Aerópolis, will contribute its experience in the development of aerial robotics technology, and will lead the technological development of highly autonomous and integrated drones in the airspace Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is one of the great challenges of our cities, which are facing a paradigm shift in the transport of goods and people. Moving [...]

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