Tekniker and Aerotecnic bring the additive manufacturing revolution to the aeronautical sector

2021-04-30T09:58:18+02:0030 April 2021|Innovation|

The Aerotecnic company and the Tekniker Technology Center collaborate in the LASTITAN project to optimize the manufacture of titanium components by means of Laser Metal Deposition with the contribution of powder Current manufacturing processes, based mainly on subtractive manufacturing technologies (material removal processes) such as machining by chip removal, entail considerable losses of raw material, especially when it comes to [...]

Aerotecnic introduces the Circular Economy in the thermoset composites industry with the ambitious Spanish project EOCENE

2021-10-18T18:10:40+02:0030 April 2021|Innovation|

Aerotecnic, a leading aerospace company in the manufacture of aerostructures, committed to the development of innovative technological solutions, keeps its strong commitment to R&D Within this strategy, the company initiates a new Circular Economy project in the Thermosetting Composites Industry, led by Cosentino and in collaboration with some of the main companies that make up the value chain of this [...]

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