Airtificial develops a robotic cell for flight control sticks

2023-08-03T13:31:49+02:003 August 2023|Our Companies|

Optimizes the development and testing times of flight control sticks that have robotic arms, a climate chamber and control electronics cabinets Airtificial has successfully completed a robotics innovation program funded by the European Union. The Aerospace & Defense unit has designed and manufactured a robotic cell and test bench that optimizes development times and tests of aircraft flight control sticks. [...]

Airtificial new contracts exceed in 9 months those of 2021

2022-10-19T11:28:19+02:0019 October 2022|Our Companies|

It reaches 68.3 million driven by geographic and business diversification Airtificial has signed new contracts worth 20.1 million euros in the third quarter of the year. This figure represents a cumulative contracting volume in 2022 of 68.3 million euros, which shows an increase of 4.2% compared to the entire year 2021, and 15% higher than the total in 2020. In [...]

Airtificial begins capital increase

2022-09-05T12:52:07+02:007 December 2021|Newsletter, Our Companies|

The company thus strengthens its financial situation to boost its operational take-off. On December 6, the capital increase of Airtificial began for a maximum of 21.2 million euros, which will be carried out through the issuance of 235.6 million shares with a nominal value of 0.09 euros each. Shareholders have preferential subscription rights in the proportion of one new share [...]

Airtificial and PAL-V, the maker of the Liberty flying car, sign a new strategic contract

2022-09-05T13:37:10+02:0025 October 2021|Innovation|

Airtificial Aerospace & Defense has signed a global contract with PAL-V to manufacture different composite parts for its flying car The company Airtificial has increased its contacts in strategic areas based on its partnership philosophy, which implies the creation of a relationship of joint growth and open exchange of strategic information between both parties. This contract consists of the serial [...]

Airtificial signs new contracts for 16.3 million euros

2022-09-05T13:53:53+02:0021 September 2021|Our Companies|

Airtificial Intelligent Robots wins contracts for 11.3 million euros and the Infrastructure Business unit several water engineering contracts The company Airtificial ensures in the third quarter of 2021 a contracting volume amounting to 16.3 million euros. The Intelligent Robots business unit has closed awards for a value of 11.3 million in NAFTA, China and Europe with two new clients, two [...]

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