Miguel Ángel Tamarit Almagro, Vice President of Pegasus Aero Group, receives the “Aerospace Manager 2023” award from Andalucía Aerospace

2024-02-15T13:41:12+01:0014 February 2024|Our Companies|

Andalucia Aerospace celebrates its general assembly on the campus of the CEU Fernando III University The Andalucía Aerospace cluster reaches its seventh year of operation in the Andalusian aerospace sector with a significant increase in associates and great challenges for 2024. Gathered in a general Assembly on the campus of the CEU Fernando III University, President Antonio Gómez-Guillamón thanked the [...]

Three Innovation projects approved in which several companies from the Andalucía Aerospace cluster participate

2024-02-15T11:31:16+01:001 December 2023|Innovation|

These projects, developed mainly by SMEs, include work in Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, or Additive Manufacturing In its continued commitment to Innovation, the Andalucía Aerospace cluster coordinates three innovation projects in industrial digitalization in collaboration with several of its associated companies.These investments by companies, which amount to more than one million euros, are supported in the form of a subsidy [...]

Andalucía Aerospace Companies sign a manifesto in favor of the development of the Space industry in Andalusia

2023-12-04T12:08:33+01:005 October 2023|Aeropolis, Front Page|

The companies of the Space Commission of the Andalucía Aerospace Cluster have signed a manifesto in favor of the development of the Space industry in Andalusia, on the occasion of the celebration of World Space Week Gathered in Aerópolis, the companies of Andalucía Aerospace have signed the manifesto with the desire to convey to all of society and public and [...]

Andalucía Aerospace celebrates its members’ assembly at the Spanish Space Agency

2023-07-17T12:37:16+02:0013 July 2023|Our Companies|

The association continues to grow with more than 90 members The Andalucía Aerospace cluster, in its sixth year of activity in the Andalusian aerospace sector, continues to move forward with a clear roadmap: internationalize, promote innovation and diversify in related sectors. The objective is, first of all, to promote internationally all the companies in our region that make up the [...]

The Andalusian aerospace sector begins its recovery in 2022 with a 17% growth in sales

2023-06-19T11:22:31+02:0016 June 2023|Aerospace Sector|

The Andalucia Aerospace cluster presents the 2022 report of the Andalusian aerospace sector The Andalusian aerospace sector closes the year 2022 with a higher turnover and employment than in 2021. The total turnover of the sector in 2022 stands at €2,356 million, an increase of 17% compared to the previous year (€2,002 million). In the same way, employment is also [...]

Andalucía Aerospace associates with TRADE to promote the internationalization of the aerospace sector

2023-06-01T11:42:18+02:001 June 2023|Our Companies|

The Regional Minister of Economy, Finance and European Funds and the president of the cluster sign an agreement that represents a public-private alliance to increase the Andalusian aerospace business in the world The Regional Head of Economy, Finance and European Funds, Carolina España, in her capacity as president of Andalucía TRADE, and the president of Andalucía Aerospace, Antonio Gómez Guillamón, [...]

The Andalusian aeronautical group Pegasus Aero Group joins the Andalucía Aerospace cluster

2023-05-22T11:49:43+02:0022 May 2023|Our Companies|

The agreement has been signed at FEINDEF, where Andalusia had for the first time an institutional stand of the Regional Ministry of University, Research and Innovation The JR Vice President of Pegasus Aero Group, Miguel Ángel Tamarit, has signed with the President of the Andalucía Aerospace business cluster, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, and the managing director, Juan Román, the adhesion of the [...]

Extenda and Andalucía Aerospace sign a collaboration agreement to promote the internationalization of the aerospace industry

2021-06-10T10:58:32+02:0010 June 2021|Aerospace Sector|

The alliance includes the design of strategies for an industry of which Andalusia is the second exporting community, with 40% of sales in Spain The CEO of Extenda, Arturo Bernal, and the president of the Andalucía Aerospace cluster, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, have signed a collaboration agreement in Aerópolis to promote the international promotion of the Andalusian aerospace industry. With this heading, [...]

Aeropymes, the Andalucía Aerospace podcast

2021-10-18T18:13:45+02:0030 April 2021|Our Companies|

Last October, the Andalusia Aerospace cluster launched a new project: Aeropymes, a podcast to give voice to small and medium-sized companies in the Andalusian aerospace sector. The format is as innovative as it is practical. The listeners get to know the companies in a short conversation and also listen to the testimonies that the interviewees offer about their work experiences. [...]

Success of the First Joint Aerospace Networking between Regional Clusters and TEDAE

2021-04-30T08:32:40+02:0030 April 2021|Our Companies|

More than 150 meetings held For the first time, all the Regional Clusters of the Spanish Aerospace sector: AERA-Cluster Aeroespacial de Aragón, Andalucía Aerospace Cluster, Hegan-Basque Aerospace Cluster and Madrid Aerospace Cluster, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Technological Companies of Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Espacio (TEDAE), have teamed up to establish a networking network through virtual B2B contacts [...]

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