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Air transport in urban and interurban environments will be a reality in 2024

2023-09-25T12:07:23+02:0025 September 2023|Our Companies|

AERTEC has been working for years on the technologies, communications systems and infrastructure necessary to integrate this more intelligent, efficient and sustainable air transport model into cities Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is a solution for transporting people and goods using vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), a new faster, safer and more sustainable model that is already beginning to be [...]

Airtificial develops a robotic cell for flight control sticks

2023-08-03T13:31:49+02:003 August 2023|Our Companies|

Optimizes the development and testing times of flight control sticks that have robotic arms, a climate chamber and control electronics cabinets Airtificial has successfully completed a robotics innovation program funded by the European Union. The Aerospace & Defense unit has designed and manufactured a robotic cell and test bench that optimizes development times and tests of aircraft flight control sticks. [...]

Andalucía Aerospace celebrates its members’ assembly at the Spanish Space Agency

2023-07-17T12:37:16+02:0013 July 2023|Our Companies|

The association continues to grow with more than 90 members The Andalucía Aerospace cluster, in its sixth year of activity in the Andalusian aerospace sector, continues to move forward with a clear roadmap: internationalize, promote innovation and diversify in related sectors. The objective is, first of all, to promote internationally all the companies in our region that make up the [...]

Fundación Magtel announces the IV edition of its awards to recognize the best social initiatives of the 2022-2023 academic year

2023-06-29T13:09:27+02:0021 June 2023|Our Companies|

The deadline for submitting applications is from June 23 to October 16 Fundación Magtel has convened the fourth edition of its "Awards for Excellence" with the aim of highlighting in a committed and responsible way those initiatives that have a positive impact on society in terms of equality and social cooperation, sustainability and technological development, developed during the 2022-2023 academic [...]

Manufacturing engineering, electrification and connected cabin: this is the catalog of services with which Aertec goes to Le Bourget

2023-06-19T11:11:38+02:0019 June 2023|Our Companies|

The most important aeronautical event at the European level resumes in person in the French capital from June 19 to 25, 2023, in which Aertec participates again Paris Air Show Le Bourget, the most important event at the European level that brings together the main world players in the aeronautical, defense and space sectors, resumes its face-to-face appearances from June [...]

CT celebrates its 35th anniversary at ‘Paris Air Show Le Bourget’

2023-06-13T11:26:23+02:0013 June 2023|Our Companies|

CT Engineering presents projects and products that use groundbreaking technologies for the future of aviation and space and that accelerate innovation throughout the entire life cycle of products CT, a leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the entire product life cycle, is participating in the 54th edition of the International Paris Air Show, held at Le Bourget from June [...]

Aertec presents its technology for connected cabins and aircraft electrification in Hamburg

2023-06-13T10:48:09+02:0013 June 2023|Our Companies|

The company has a wide range of technological solutions focused on the electrification of the aircraft and the improvement of connectivity, as a reflection of its commitment to the challenge of Zero Emissions aviation by 2050 Aircraft Interior Expo is the main international fair dedicated to showcasing the latest developments, advances and trends in aircraft interior design and equipment. Developed [...]

Orange Foundation, Adecco Foundation and Magtel Foundation will develop training programs for fiber optic installation to the home

2023-06-13T11:19:51+02:006 June 2023|Our Companies|

The objective is to improve the employability of people at risk of social exclusion who have fewer opportunities to access the labor market The Orange Foundation, the Adecco Foundation and the Magtel Foundation have established a collaboration agreement to promote access to the labor market for people at risk of social exclusion through the development of training programs for the [...]

Andalucía Aerospace associates with TRADE to promote the internationalization of the aerospace sector

2023-06-01T11:42:18+02:001 June 2023|Our Companies|

The Regional Minister of Economy, Finance and European Funds and the president of the cluster sign an agreement that represents a public-private alliance to increase the Andalusian aerospace business in the world The Regional Head of Economy, Finance and European Funds, Carolina España, in her capacity as president of Andalucía TRADE, and the president of Andalucía Aerospace, Antonio Gómez Guillamón, [...]

The Andalusian aeronautical group Pegasus Aero Group joins the Andalucía Aerospace cluster

2023-05-22T11:49:43+02:0022 May 2023|Our Companies|

The agreement has been signed at FEINDEF, where Andalusia had for the first time an institutional stand of the Regional Ministry of University, Research and Innovation The JR Vice President of Pegasus Aero Group, Miguel Ángel Tamarit, has signed with the President of the Andalucía Aerospace business cluster, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, and the managing director, Juan Román, the adhesion of the [...]

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