AERTEC will develop three TARSIS RPAS systems for the Spanish Ministry of Defense

2024-02-15T13:58:09+01:0015 February 2024|Our Companies|

The TARSIS-ISTAR is a high-end, tactical and compact class I UAS that allows multiple configurations, offering great adaptation to very demanding operational environments Aertec, a Spanish company specialized in aerospace and defense technology, is going to develop three RPAs (Remote Piloted Aircraft System) class I SMALL systems (less than 150 kg MTOW) of its TARSIS ISTAR model for integration and [...]

Los Cabos International Airport entrusts its medium and long-term expansion to Aertec

2024-02-01T13:41:30+01:001 February 2024|Our Companies|

Aertec will design an expansion of 55,000 to 70,000 m2 in terminal 2 of the airport to adapt its capacity Aertec, an international engineering company specialized in airports, completed its consulting work at the end of 2023 for the expansion of the Los Cabos International Airport, located in the Mexican region of Baja California. The aerodrome, belonging to the manager [...]

AERTEC presents GEODESY, a new navigation system that will validate the operational safety of drones at low altitude

2023-10-11T11:26:24+02:0011 October 2023|Innovation|

This new high-performance navigation system will allow for reduced, collaborative separation between different drones operating simultaneously AERTEC, an international company specialized in aerospace technology, has presented at the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency the results of the GEODESY (Galileo Enhanced Operation for Drone Systems) project, thanks to which a multi-frequency / multi-constellation Galileo receiver has been developed that will [...]

Air transport in urban and interurban environments will be a reality in 2024

2023-09-25T12:07:23+02:0025 September 2023|Our Companies|

AERTEC has been working for years on the technologies, communications systems and infrastructure necessary to integrate this more intelligent, efficient and sustainable air transport model into cities Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is a solution for transporting people and goods using vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), a new faster, safer and more sustainable model that is already beginning to be [...]

Manufacturing engineering, electrification and connected cabin: this is the catalog of services with which Aertec goes to Le Bourget

2023-06-19T11:11:38+02:0019 June 2023|Our Companies|

The most important aeronautical event at the European level resumes in person in the French capital from June 19 to 25, 2023, in which Aertec participates again Paris Air Show Le Bourget, the most important event at the European level that brings together the main world players in the aeronautical, defense and space sectors, resumes its face-to-face appearances from June [...]

Aertec presents its technology for connected cabins and aircraft electrification in Hamburg

2023-06-13T10:48:09+02:0013 June 2023|Our Companies|

The company has a wide range of technological solutions focused on the electrification of the aircraft and the improvement of connectivity, as a reflection of its commitment to the challenge of Zero Emissions aviation by 2050 Aircraft Interior Expo is the main international fair dedicated to showcasing the latest developments, advances and trends in aircraft interior design and equipment. Developed [...]

AERTEC exhibits at FEINDEF the high performance of its technology designed to improve military capabilities

2023-05-22T10:44:11+02:0022 May 2023|Our Companies|

The company has shown its technological solutions adapted to defense operations, such as its TARSIS fixed-wing UAS, which incorporate state-of-the-art technology, laser guidance kits and weapons management systems The international company Aertec, specialized in aerospace technology, has presented at FEINDEF its technological solutions designed to improve military capabilities, and which find their maximum exponent in their TARSIS fixed-wing UAS. Aertec [...]

A large European decarbonization project, with the participation of Aertec, will develop electrical technologies for hybrid aircraft

2023-02-15T13:10:04+01:0015 February 2023|Innovation|

Aertec will develop and validate a technological demonstrator that monitors and controls the availability and operation of all new generation high voltage electrical systems that are developed in the HECATE project The European aviation industry is working to achieve its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Advancing the development of hybrid-electric aircraft is one of the keys to [...]

One hundred percent Andalusian technology in a new system that will revolutionize avionics

2022-11-24T09:17:56+01:0024 November 2022|Innovation|

The IMASAT consortium has developed a smaller, lighter on-board computer with great computing capacity compared to current systems on the market The international engineering company specializing in technologies applied to aeronautics Aertec has led the European project IMASAT (Integrated Modular Avionics for Small Air Transport) for the last four years, with the company Clue Technologies as a partner. This research [...]

Aertec shows in S-Moving its capabilities and developments in the field of advanced air mobility

2022-09-22T10:23:58+02:0022 September 2022|Our Companies|

The company applies its extensive experience in the development of next generation aerospace systems, its knowledge in air navigation and airport design in favor of more efficient and sustainable urban mobility Advanced air mobility is a trend that is going to transform cities, evolving towards a more intelligent, efficient and sustainable model. A transformation that has already begun thanks to [...]

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