This technology will allow to achieve an increase in productivity of between 12% and 15%

The company WAYtec, specialized in RTLS (real-time data capture and localization), in collaboration with its Italian subsidiary, has supplied Euromask with an RTLS system to optimize its processes.

Euromask is the Italian company leader in Europe in the design, production and supply of professional masking systems and protection of parts in industrial coating processes, welding, etc.

The company, organized according to a LEAN system, foresees that each worker can control several production machinery. However, knowing exactly the attendance times for each machine and the production times for each product was essential to improve the efficiency of the factory.

At the same time, controlling the warehouse, which consists of more than 60 million parts in more than 50 families of products for fast delivery (Euromask supplies parts to 28 countries in the world), was a challenge to be able to perfectly and automatically harmonize the production with the needs of the warehouse of exit.

With these premises, WAYtec has designed an RTLS (real-time location) system that allows controlling stocks in the warehouse by means of labels that are associated with a product. The system also allows the quick location of parts and components, thus shortening the time of collection and preparation of the order.

The information, in real time, is displayed in the company’s management system, allowing better production planning. Likewise, in the production phase the workers, who control more than one machine, carry a label that allows them to trace their movements.

Additionally, through the creation of Intelligent Zones in the environment of the machines, it is possible to control the time dedicated to one, or all, of the processes (manufacturing time of a batch, time of use of the machine, etc.).

Knowing these data is important to be able to prioritize and organize production, taking advantage of almost 100% the potentiality and time of use of said machinery, avoiding downtime or unnecessary queues in production.

At the same time, it is possible to know the movements of the workers to optimize the location of the machines, even change the layout to make it more efficient, better organize the storage area for raw materials, etc.

In short, WAYtec’s RTLS technology, according to a first estimate, will allow an increase in productivity of between 12% and 15% without adding personnel, with which the ROI, return on investment, is approximately 9 months.