The technology-based company, a spin-off of the University of Seville, is the only Spanish company that manufactures this type of device, and one of the most prominent in Europe

Solar MEMS Technologies is a technology-based Andalusian company founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the University of Seville, whose activity is focused on the design and manufacture of high-precision solar sensors for satellites and other high-tech sectors. Solar sensors are devices that allow orientation in orbit, using the sun as a reference.

The degree of specialization of this technology, called microelectromechanical systems technology (MEMS), has led Solar MEMS to be the only Spanish company that manufactures this type of device and one of the most prominent in Europe. The company concentrates 98% of its turnover abroad.

In recent months, Solar MEMS has celebrated that there are already more than 2,000 solar flight sensors delivered to customers that are currently part of satellites around the world, highlighting Airbus OneWeb Satellites, NASA, Thales Alenia Space or DLR among others, with a presence in more than 40 countries.

Currently, Solar MEMS is immersed in the Airbus Oneweb project, which focuses on the manufacture of a mega constellation made up of more than 650 satellites to provide global broadband internet coverage to places with less accessibility.

The company is also taking the final steps of developing a miniaturized star tracker that is expected to launch this year. The company is also working on a novel ground support equipment solution for its commercial solar sensors, and a promising new development for the automotive industry, among other projects.

The objectives of this innovative firm are to grow in two lines of action. On the one hand, to expand the portfolio of new products in the aerospace sector, through the development of new devices that use the earth or the stars as a reference; and, on the other, diversify into other sectors such as renewable energy or the automotive industry.