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The highest representatives of the helicopter industry highlight the specialization achieved by Pegasus Aero Group in its emergency operations

2023-01-19T13:30:11+01:0019 January 2023|Our Companies|

They point out the need to develop a Plan to train Pilots who are capable of attending forest fire and civil protection activities The President of the International Helicopter Association (HAI), James A. Viola, together with the President of the European Helicopter Association (EHA), Christian Müller, visited the facilities that the Andalusian multinational has at the Sebastián Almagro Aerodrome in [...]

CT launches into space

2022-11-11T11:52:27+01:0011 November 2022|Our Companies|

CT has decided to take a new step in its innovation and diversification strategy. The company has become the engineering services provider for the Spanish space tourism company HALO Space Man has always dreamed of conquering space. The history of space conquest is already more than 70 years old, but it has been in this new century that access to [...]

Airtificial new contracts exceed in 9 months those of 2021

2022-10-19T11:28:19+02:0019 October 2022|Our Companies|

It reaches 68.3 million driven by geographic and business diversification Airtificial has signed new contracts worth 20.1 million euros in the third quarter of the year. This figure represents a cumulative contracting volume in 2022 of 68.3 million euros, which shows an increase of 4.2% compared to the entire year 2021, and 15% higher than the total in 2020. In [...]

Aertec shows in S-Moving its capabilities and developments in the field of advanced air mobility

2022-09-22T10:23:58+02:0022 September 2022|Our Companies|

The company applies its extensive experience in the development of next generation aerospace systems, its knowledge in air navigation and airport design in favor of more efficient and sustainable urban mobility Advanced air mobility is a trend that is going to transform cities, evolving towards a more intelligent, efficient and sustainable model. A transformation that has already begun thanks to [...]

Surge in contracts for Airtificial in the first semester

2022-07-27T11:36:20+02:0027 July 2022|Our Companies|

The company signs new contracts for 48 million, 57% more than those of the same period of 2021 Artificial continues the path of growth after achieving a significant increase in the volume of contracts awarded in this first half of the year. Thanks to the strategy of geographical, project and customer diversification, implemented after the pandemic, the Group has managed [...]

Aertec diversifies and increases its portfolio of services in the United Kingdom

2022-07-19T10:38:09+02:0018 July 2022|Our Companies|

The international firm is currently participating in the Farnborough International Airshow, one of the most important air shows in the world, which is recovering the face-to-face format The Farnborough International Airshow (FIA 2022) kicks off, one of the most important air shows in the world, which has once again recovered the face-to-face format after the last virtual edition held in [...]

CESA presents its investment in R&D for the development of future technologies at ILA Berlin

2022-07-06T15:02:11+02:001 July 2022|Our Companies|

The company participates in the development and manufacture of different Eurofighter equipment Coinciding with the signing of Halcón by Spain for the acquisition of new Eurofighters, the CESA (HD Spain) delegation received a visit from the Secretary of State for Defence. During it, its general director, Pedro Sallent, General Director, highlighted the programs in which CESA participates based on its [...]

Pegasus Aero Group is awarded a contract for the maintenance of the AB 212 helicopter fleet of the Ministry of Defense

2022-07-06T15:02:57+02:0030 June 2022|Our Companies|

The Andalusian aeronautical group plans to increase aircraft maintenance services to third parties and projects an aggregate turnover of more than 15 million euros in the next 4 years The Ministry of Defence, through the Army, has awarded the Andalusian company Pegasus Aero Group a maintenance and spare parts supply contract for the AB 212 helicopter fleet with a duration [...]

Aertec shows at ILA Berlin its specialization in aerospace and defense systems, and its developments in the electrification of aircraft

2022-07-06T15:03:44+02:0027 June 2022|Our Companies|

The international company attends ILA Berlin, the great European aerospace fair, in which 550 exhibitors from 29 countries participate The company Aertec specialized in the development of aerospace and defense technology, participated last week with its own stand in the ILA Berlin International Airshow. It is one of the most important events in the sector in Europe, held at the [...]

The Greek National Fire Service selects Pegasus Aero Group for the training and specialization of its helicopter brigades

2022-07-06T15:05:13+02:0020 June 2022|Our Companies|

Each year, the Andalusian group trains more than 2,000 professionals in the field of civil and environmental emergencies A unit of ten professionals from the Greek National Fire Service (Hellenic Fire Brigade) has chosen Pegasus Aero Group for the training of its helicopter brigades, in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and practice that will allow them to carry out [...]

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