The Secretary General of Research begins in CATEC a round of contacts with these entities to inform them of the next call and find out their needs

Starting in the third quarter, the Regional Ministry of University, Research and Innovation will announce new incentives aimed at technology centers in Andalusia in order to promote the transfer of knowledge with the productive sector. The General Secretary of Research and Innovation of the Junta, Antonio Posadas, has initiated a round of contacts and visits with the representatives of these entities to, on the one hand, inform them of the new regulations that will support this future call and, on the other, to learn their demands and needs in order to adjust these regulatory bases as much as possible. The first meeting was with the general director of the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), Joaquín Rodríguez Grau, with whom the Junta maintains a very fluid relationship for being one of the most representative agents of the Andalusian innovative sector and for dedicating himself to an activity strategic for the economy of the region.

The Regional Ministry of University is already immersed in the design of the regulatory bases that will establish the objectives and requirements for granting incentives, which will fundamentally take shape in two lines of action: the first will be dedicated to promoting technological development projects and R&D&I transfer activities, and the second will aim to enhance its scientific infrastructures. The expectation is that the document will be finalized in the coming months and, then, the corresponding call for subsidies will be launched, which will be articulated on a competitive basis.

Posadas has conveyed to CATEC that technology centers “constitute a priority figure” for the regional government, hence specific lines of aid aimed at this segment have been planned for this year, taking into account that “they assume a key role in the connection between the advances produced in research and development and the innovation that is carried out in the business fabric.” “Their proposals for technology transfer in industrial manufacturing processes or in the creation of new products directly affect the competitiveness of the regional economy and represent a very valuable opportunity for SMEs,” he added.

The Secretary General of Research recalled that the University Department already resolved at the end of 2023 an aid program aimed at these entities worth 1.69 million euros and from which a dozen of them were beneficiaries. Through these incentives, projects for the creation and consolidation of knowledge-based and technology-based companies are financed, as well as activities for the protection of results (patents), the creation and development of prototypes, the promotion and commercialization of technologies and market studies. Likewise, resources are reserved to promote relations between research groups and companies or to the installation of technological resources, among other objectives.

Technology centers are private, non-profit research organizations. They constitute a link to support R&D&I aimed specifically at the productive sector, especially SMEs, although they also collaborate with public administrations in the performance of activities related to technological innovation. In Andalusia has more than thirty of these entities.