The company, which is already collaborating in the design support engineering for Iberdrola’s future green hydrogen plant in Puertollano, is one of the first members to join to the Green Hydrogen Cluster of Castilla la Mancha, with the aim of building the so-called Hydrogen Economy

CT, a leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the life cycle of the product, has signed the adhesion to the Green Hydrogen Cluster of Castilla la Mancha, a group of organizations, including the same National Hydrogen Center of Puertollano, which join efforts to decarbonise the industrial sector, following the European Union’s roadmap regarding this energy through new formulas of public-private collaboration.

Through this collaboration, CT will have the opportunity to be one of the first engineering services companies nationwide, with capabilities to develop technologies in hydrogen plants.

Cristina Maroto, head of the CT office in Puertollano, explains that “as an operating company in numerous sectors, from the petrochemical, aeronautical, railway, to naval, energy or automotive sectors, we are aware of the importance of decarbonization of the most carbon intensive industries in the world, including power generation, chemicals, steelmaking and heavy transportation. Being part of this cluster represents an enormous privilege and responsibility for CT, which is already collaborating in the largest green hydrogen complex for industrial use in Europe, located in the area ”.

The cluster, formed at the end of last year, further consolidates Puertollano’s position on the green hydrogen map in Europe, and aims to cover the entire industrial chain that makes up the hydrogen vector.

Currently, the main activity of CT around this energy is located in its office in Puertollano – a location that is considered privileged with an important industrial center – where it has been offering multiple packages of engineering services in industrial plants thanks to a team for almost a decade. multidisciplinary, with extensive experience in civil and structural engineering, electricity, instrumentation and mechanics, among others.