The multi-service aviation company deploys LiveU in its fleet to make better use of air resources, both in terms of safety and the information provided by its in-flight operations

Pegasus Aviación, based in the south of Spain and with operations throughout the country, in addition to Portugal, Italy, Chile and Uruguay, has turned to LiveU to enrich its forest firefighting services, using IP bonding solutions from the company to provide both live streaming images and Internet access from environments where connectivity is typically at a premium.

Pegasus Aviación is the parent company of Pegasus Aero Group, an aeronautical cluster with 100% Spanish capital that has more than 50 years of experience in the aeronautical world, providing a wide range of services to clients of public and private organizations.

Currently, a key objective within the company’s Strategic Plan is the technological modernization of the fleet, as indicated by José Antonio Rodríguez, Head of Projects, Planning and Support at Pegasus: “Our ability is based on training, maintenance and aircraft operation in emergency environments, mostly forest fires and rescue of people on land and sea. Currently, we face the challenge of optimizing these operations through the use of embedded technology, for which we were looking for options that could provide us with greater connectivity in low coverage environments. That was where our journey with LiveU began.”


LiveU’s technology, widely used in the broadcast and video streaming sector for all types of live image capture and transmission, is based on IP bonding, of which LiveU is a pioneer and market leader.

This underlying technology makes it easy to pool bandwidths from multiple cellular networks, prime examples being mobile and Wi-Fi, to create real-time broadband connectivity.

This means that connectivity can be achieved in remote locations, and on the move, where other technologies typically fail, enabling not only high-quality live video streaming but also Internet connectivity for other data services.

The individual field units, containing the necessary multiple modems, can be carried in a backpack or installed in an aircraft, under the approved data of the corresponding aeronautical modification.

Pegasus Aviación is currently using a large number of LiveU LU300 Compact Field Units on its helicopters to enhance its imaging services in Chile and Spain. These can be controlled by Pegasus Aviation through the cloud management system, LiveU Central. It also uses LiveU’s DataBridge technology to access high-speed Internet while aircraft are in flight.

José Antonio Rodríguez adds: “This technology really improves the information we can get from our operation, allowing us to capture live video images from places where it was previously unfeasible. These real-time images play an important role for our customers, as they allow emergency managers to make decisions with information just obtained from the field. LiveU represents an important technological step for us, so we are looking to expand its use in the other countries we serve through our fleet of more than 130 aircraft.”

Jean-Christophe Albou, Sales Director, France and Southern Europe, LiveU, adds: “We have always known that our technology has a great reach beyond its use in the broadcast and streaming vertical and now we are seeing its use grow in emergency situations, service sectors and first aid. This is a prime example of that and we are so proud to see it helping such a vital industry.”