Magtel’s R+D+i Division is leading the “Ad-Grhid” project awarded by the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI), under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, within Mission 1 “Strengthen technological capabilities for safe and sustainable energy autonomy (fusion, hydrogen and renewables)”, within the framework of the “Missions 2022” call.

This initiative covers an important part of the hydrogen value chain, whose objective is to research and develop new products and systems. The project has been awarded an incentive of 3.3 million euros out of a total budget of 4.8. The origin of the financing resides in the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, dependent on the European funds “Next Generation EU”.

In addition to Magtel, Ad-Grhid is made up of a consortium of 7 more companies: Ingelectus, Eléctrica de Villanueva de Córdoba, H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies, Nasika, Premo, Protio Power and Tequinson Servicios.

The project, which will deepen industrial research, has the support of the University of Córdoba and Loyola University, as well as the AICIA, AIMPLAS and IREC technology centers. In this way, a research ecosystem is created that will allow responding to the ambitious challenges that arise, among which are smart-grids through the development of management and engineering of integrated distribution networks with hybrid AC/DC microgrids; power electronics; the development of electrolyzer and fuel cell; and hydrogen storage.

Among the objectives of the project are the improvement of the energy density of storage, the reduction of the capital cost of electrolysers with solid oxide, the increase in energy efficiency and the continuity of supply of microgrid services to distribution networks through renewable energy.

In this sense, the person in charge of Energy of the R+D+i Division of Magtel, Álvaro Sánchez, has indicated that “this initiative will improve the designs and characteristics of innovative products and services, in a consortium made up of SMEs and large Spanish companies ”.

Sánchez stressed that, through the commitment to research and development of these new products and services, “research is encouraged for the development of products with high added value of Spanish origin, which may be important in the transition towards a future with greater circularity in the use of materials and a carbon-neutral energy consumption”.