The project has been selected by the European Commission to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in cases of military use

CT, a leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the entire product life cycle, as leader of the consortium, will coordinate the KOIOS Artificial Intelligence for Defense initiative, selected by the European Commission within the 2021 EDF call, whose results have been published this Wednesday.

“This project represents a double milestone for CT, for its role as coordinator in a project of such magnitude, valued at 10 million euros, and for being the first time that the EU has financed an AI research project in the Defense sector. We are proud to reinforce our role as a leading company in Industry 4.0 in the Defense sector in the European environment”, explains David Prieto, Director of Innovation at CT.

The KOIOS project aims to explore so-called “frugal” machine learning, an innovative approach for rapid adaptation of AI systems in military scenarios with little data or limited computing power. To do this, the consortium will develop a collaboration platform between AI experts and military operators in which they share data, models and knowledge. The project will investigate rapidly deployable AI models, where users with AI knowledge do not exist or have to adapt to little-known threats.

KOIOS is designed to ensure humane, safe, explainable and ethical oversight according to standards developed by the EU.