This cooperation of the three entities is the result of their participation in the University Extension Course on Blockchain Technologies, directed by the NICS Lab Research group of the University of Malaga, and in which teachers from Telefónica Tech participate and Aertec is a collaborating company

The Industrial Digitization area of ​​AERTEC, an international company specialized in aerospace technology, the University of Malaga and Telefónica Tech have jointly developed a software project based on Blockchain technology and applied to the aeronautical industry.

This technological collaboration is the result of a project developed through the University Extension Course in Blockchain Technologies, directed by the NICS Lab Research group of the University of Malaga.

The course is co-directed by the Professor and Researcher of the UMA Isaac Agudo who has commented that “the focus of the course is eminently practical using a methodology of synchronous online classes in which, of course, all the Blockchain ecosystem is explained but focused, through an intense dialogue with companies, towards real application cases that are of interest to our students and collaborators”.

Blockchain technology, increasingly implemented in the aeronautical industry

Aertec has been one of the collaborating companies of this course in which the different Blockchain technologies and their different applications in the business world have been reviewed, both in public and private environments, and has proposed a technological challenge applying the knowledge developed in this activity.

Specifically, a consistent development has been carried out in the registration of information generated by IoT sensors distributed in an aeronautical manufacturing plant, registering different physical magnitudes in Blockchain through TrustOS with the aim of certifying the integrity of the functional test results.

As Jerónimo Vázquez, Head of the Software Solutions Department at AERTEC, points out, “we are convinced that this technology is highly developed in our industrial field, where it is so crucial to ensure traceability through solid evidence of the manufacturing processes and tests of the different systems of the plane, in a complex environment of interaction between the final integrator and its entire network of suppliers”.

The project makes use of the traceability and certification capabilities of TrustOS, Telefónica Tech’s managed Blockchain service. Thanks to the use of this service, the project team has been able to focus on the particular problems related to functional tests while incorporating all the benefits of immutability and transparency inherent to Blockchain technology, abstracting from the complexity of developing the necessary components to record the information collected by the sensors, such as the appropriate connectors with the network, the Smart Contracts that record the information.