The project that will receive the largest contribution (436,339.8 euros) is called “Development of sheet metal stretching processes by simulation Deepest” and is being developed by the Cadiz company M&M Profiles and sub-assemblies

Airbus Defense & Space will also receive help from the CDTI, with 323,953 euros, to carry out the “Electronic Warfare and signatures” project, while the third of the projects is “Green Optimization process for aeronautical manufacturing elements” (Greenbath), from the company Mecanizados and Aeronautical Assemblies, located in Cádiz, with a total value of 229,775.2 euros.

In total, the CDTI has approved 161 new R & D & I projects with a total budget of 98.42 million euros, of which the CDTI will contribute 76.73 million euros. The number of operations approved by the CDTI is 171 and all the aids belong to the loan modality.

Of the 171 operations approved by this Council, 51 are co-financed with the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain FEDER 2014-2020, with a public contribution (CDTI + FEDER) amounting to 23.4 million euros.

The Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain FEDER 2014-2020 allows the CDTI to offer a non-reimbursable tranche of up to 33% to projects that have co-financing from this program, regardless of the size of the beneficiary.

In addition to the new grants, the Board of Directors has approved the extension of repayment terms for LIC and LICA R&D and innovation grants, in order to improve the repayment conditions for CDTI grants for R&D projects. D + I.

Specifically, the maximum term of the payback period in R&D projects goes to 10 or 15 years (before, seven or 10 years). In addition, the maximum term of the amortization period of the Direct Expansion Line (LICA) is now nine years (previously, seven). On the other hand, the maximum term of the amortization period of the Innovation Direct Line (LIC) goes to four or six years, at Euribor one year plus 0.20% and 1.20% respectively (before, three years at Euribor one year plus 0.20% or five years at Euribor one year + 1.20%).

The objective of this measure is to reduce the semi-annual amortization charge corresponding to the reimbursable part of the aid for companies, controlling the intensity limits associated with each aid line.

In order not to penalize SMEs that, due to the exceptional situation caused by the health emergency, are facing transitory liquidity difficulties, the Board of Directors has approved to exempt SMEs benefiting from aid in the form of loans from the CDTI of the payment of late payment interest on the principal installments between April 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021, provided that the corresponding amortization payment is made within a maximum period of 15 months from maturity.

This measure complies with the current National Temporary Framework regarding aid measures for companies and the self-employed consisting of direct subsidies, repayable advances, tax advantages, loan guarantees and interest rate discounts on loans aimed at supporting the economy in the current context.