During the day, the project ‘International Promotion Actions of the Sevillian Industry’ was presented

The Aerópolis Business Center has hosted the conference “Promoting the Industry of the Province of Seville”, organized by the Diputación Provincial through Prodetur, with the collaboration of the City Council of La Rinconada and in whose opening the president of the provincial institution, Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos, together with the mayor of the municipality, Javier Fernández, participated.

Villalobos was accompanied by the deputy for the areas of Presidency, Finance and Coordination, Trinidad Argota. The president of the Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of Seville (FEDEME), Francisco Javier Moreno Muruve, also participated.

The conference served as a platform for the presentation of the project ‘International Promotion Actions for the Sevillian Industry’, promoted by Prodetur within the framework of the Promotion Plan ‘Seville, a Province for Investment and Trade´.

In this, its first edition, this foreign promotion project of the local industry is aimed at the metal sector, so this session has included the presentation of a study, by the managing director of FEDEME, Carlos Jacinto Marín, prepared in collaboration with this Federation, in which the main European markets, events and trade fairs in the sector are analyzed.

One more step in the promotion of the Sevillian industry

“There is no doubt that the province of Seville is a territory with business muscle. Today we find ourselves in a municipality, such as La Rinconada, which is an example of a business engine, one of the most powerful in Andalusia.

In general terms, we can say that we have a solid industrial base that stands out by diversification, quality, innovation and sustainability. We are agribusiness, aeronautics and automotive; metallurgy and iron and steel; mining and renewable energies; technology…” pointed out the president of the Provincial Council, who recalled that the GDP of all the branches considered industrial in Seville (including Metal), represents 13.7% of the total, somewhat higher than Andalusian average (11.5%).

“However, the challenges for the small and medium industry are many. We are talking about aspects such as training, internationalization or digital and technological modernization, in a completely globalized world, to name just a few”.

With the project “Actions for the International Promotion of the Sevillian Industry” the aim is to find regions and industrial centers in the European Union, which, in the medium term, have favorable conditions to work with the Sevillian industry and, in the long term, can invest in production facilities in the province. With this objective, this Prodetur program proposes locating international companies, institutions and clusters with which to collaborate.

Create ideal conditions for the establishment of companies

The mayor of La Rinconada, Javier Fernández, highlighted during his speech the importance of creating the ideal conditions for companies to want to settle in the territory. “It is important to streamline bureaucracy, administrative issues and make things as easy as possible to increase the attractiveness of the territory as a city to invest in.”

The first mayor of Rinconada referred to the potential of La Rinconada as an ideal territory for the establishment of companies, which allow economic revitalization and job creation, because “it is the companies that have to create jobs, while the obligation of the Administrations is to create the optimal conditions for the development of the activity”.

Relevance of the metal industry in the province

For the president of FEDEME, in the specific case of the Sevillian metal industry, a multitude of subsectors are concentrated, “some of them of international reference, such as aeronautics. But other metal industries such as mining, the defense industry, or the automotive industry also have a specific weight in this province, led by important tractor companies around which a strong, competitive and more prepared auxiliary industry also revolves. never”.

The day concluded with a round table on industrial excellence and internationalization experiences, in which leading companies in the metal sector participated, such as the Renault Factory in Seville, UMI Aeronautics, Elmya, Hispacold International and MP Ascensores.