EAGLE project: deployment of drones applied to the maintenance of offshore wind farms

2023-03-06T12:11:12+01:006 March 2023|Innovation|

CATEC participates in a new project, led by the University of Vigo, which will digitize maintenance operations in offshore wind farms using unmanned aircraft A team led by the University of Vigo and with the participation of the University of A Coruña and the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies has been working since last November on the EAGLE project, for [...]

Almost eight million to promote R&D in astrophysics and high-energy physics

2023-02-20T13:47:38+01:0020 February 2023|Aid and Subsidies, Front Page|

The program promotes the development of advanced technologies for the exploration of the universe and instrumentation for future experiments in particle and nuclear physics The Regional Ministry of University, Research and Innovation makes available to Andalusian universities and public R&D centers aid worth 7.85 million euros to finance research projects in astrophysics and high-energy physics that develop advanced technologies for [...]

A large European decarbonization project, with the participation of Aertec, will develop electrical technologies for hybrid aircraft

2023-02-15T13:10:04+01:0015 February 2023|Innovation|

Aertec will develop and validate a technological demonstrator that monitors and controls the availability and operation of all new generation high voltage electrical systems that are developed in the HECATE project The European aviation industry is working to achieve its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Advancing the development of hybrid-electric aircraft is one of the keys to [...]

The mayor of Seville announces in Aerópolis the candidacy to create an incubator for space startups

2023-01-23T11:01:51+01:0023 January 2023|Aeropolis|

The announcement was made during the visit with the Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, to two companies based in Aerópolis, CATEC and Solar MEMS The mayor of Seville has confirmed that the city will apply for the call that the Government of Spain will open to create an incubator for companies in the space sector focused on start-ups and [...]

The highest representatives of the helicopter industry highlight the specialization achieved by Pegasus Aero Group in its emergency operations

2023-01-19T13:30:11+01:0019 January 2023|Our Companies|

They point out the need to develop a Plan to train Pilots who are capable of attending forest fire and civil protection activities The President of the International Helicopter Association (HAI), James A. Viola, together with the President of the European Helicopter Association (EHA), Christian Müller, visited the facilities that the Andalusian multinational has at the Sebastián Almagro Aerodrome in [...]

The Junta de Andalucía announces that the Aerospace Strategy Action Plan will be ready this quarter

2023-01-16T12:38:29+01:0016 January 2023|Aerospace Sector, Front Page|

Carolina España highlights that the Andalusian exports of the sector grow more than the national set and Villamandos announces 40 million for aid to innovative initiatives The directors Carolina España and José Carlos Gómez Villamandos have participated in the opening table of the conference "The impact of the aerospace sector on the Andalusian economy", organized by the Regional Ministry of [...]

Andalusia, the region that contributes the most to the growth of exports of the Spanish aerospace industry

2022-12-27T11:27:33+01:0027 December 2022|Aerospace Sector, Front Page|

Sales of the Andalusian cluster grow 53% in the first 10 months of 2022, to 1,492 million, 37% of the national total The Andalusian aerospace industry has experienced strong growth in its exports in the first ten months of 2022, 53% compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching a turnover of 1,492 million euros. These figures make [...]

CATEC develops a solution based on Artificial Intelligence and automatic 3D reconstruction for the inspection of large infrastructures in the transport sector

2022-12-20T10:42:50+01:0020 December 2022|Innovation|

The results are very promising, revealing the projection, approach and transfer capacity of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to society, with the aim of helping SMEs to implement solutions based on AI in their processes CATEC is one of the five leading technology centers in Spain that make up the CEL.IA National Network (CEL.IA – Cervera Consortium for R&D Leadership [...]

Junta de Andalucía will make Andalusia the first innovative node in defense in Spain

2022-12-20T10:33:11+01:0019 December 2022|Aerospace Sector|

Villamandos highlights that this initiative will allow the community to be "highly competitive" in attracting resources from the European Defense Fund 2021-2027 The Regional Ministry of University, Research and Innovation is working to turn the community into the first innovative node in defense in Spain, as highlighted by the counselor José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, who has ensured that this commitment [...]

CT and the Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias will develop the first transportable optical terrestrial station in Spain

2022-12-13T13:02:16+01:0013 December 2022|Innovation|

Several CT teams will collaborate on the design engineering of the system and its integration into a road transportable vehicle CT, a leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the entire product life cycle, has signed a collaboration agreement with the IAC in the field of laser communications, with the aim of developing a transportable quantum communications system. The IAC, [...]

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