Andalusia leads Spain’s aeronautical exports in the first five months of 2022, with almost half of national sales, 626 million euros, and a growth of 34%

Extenda-Andalucía Exportation and Foreign Investment promotes the internationalization of the Andalusian aerospace industry in its main markets and accentuates the diversification of its sales destinations through a strategic business event, the Farnborough International Airshow 2022 (FIA) fair in London. It is a key event to promote the reactivation of a strategic sector for the community, which is beginning to recover from the stoppage caused by the pandemic and in which Andalusia is the national leader in exports, adding 626 million euros in the first five months 2022, almost half of the international sales of all of Spain (42%), with a growth of 34% year-on-year.

Extenda has organized the grouped participation of six Andalusian companies in FIA 2022, which has been held from July 18 to 22 at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Center in the British capital. FIA is one of the most innovative commercial meetings of the aerospace industry in Europe, which brings together both the main international manufacturers and highly specialized SMEs in the sector. In addition, it is one of the essential events for the aeronautical industry in Europe, the main Andalusian aerospace market, and it also shows the business opportunities in the Middle East and Asia.

Extenda organized several networking activities in its exhibition space and was visited by Antonio Planells Palau, Division General (IM) attached to the General Director of Armament and Material (DIGAM). A meeting was also held with Fernando Pons, commercial attaché for the aeronautical sector at the British Embassy in Madrid, and José Luis Nieto, the head of Aena’s Network Management Centre.

According to Extenda, the Andalusian aerospace business continues to consolidate in Europe, destination of 88% of Andalusian exports, and for this, the public company is present at the main European events such as Farnborough, which has 80,000 visitors from 96 countries, a figure that shows its potential as a business forum.

Farnborough is Europe’s leading biennial aeronautics and space trade show, specializing in announcing new developments and orders. It is visited by about 156 civil and military government delegations from around the world, with national and regional pavilions. In this edition, it has registered more than 1,500 exhibitors from 48 countries, 79 of the 100 best companies in the aerospace sector in the world, 156 military and civil delegations and 80,000 visitors from 96 countries.

Andalusian participation

The Andalusian delegation present at the FIA ​​is made up of six firms and entities from Seville. In this way, Aerotecnic Metalic, Sofitec, UMI Aeronautics, Grupo Gazc, Andalucía Aerospace and Grupo Sevilla Control (GSC) have represented the quality and innovation of Andalusian aeronautics in the event under the umbrella of Extenda.

Andalucía Aerospace is the cluster responsible for promoting the interests and fostering the growth of the Andalusian aerospace sector at a national and international level. For its part, GSC is a benchmark in the aeronautical machining sector and a specialist in the design of the most innovative and effective solutions in aeronautical parts and assemblies; while GAZC is a leading manufacturer of machined detail parts for the major OEMs and Tier1 aerospace industry.

In addition, Sofitec Aero presented its specialized aerostructures for composite, metallic and assembly programs. For its part, UMI Aero exhibited its comprehensive management projects for turnkey aeronautical structures and components in various technologies; and Aerotecnic its aerostructures and innovative components. The organization of this action by Extenda will be co-financed with funds from the EU through the P.O. ERDF of Andalusia 2014-2020, endowed with a community contribution of 80%, or any other European Program likely to co-finance this action.

Andalusian leadership in 2022

Andalusia is one of the main aerospace hubs in Europe. Together with Toulouse and Hamburg, it is one of the only ones that have a final assembly plant for a large aircraft, the Airbus A400M, as well as a world leader model in its segment, such as the C295. Its strength is based on the innovation and dimension of the projects of the companies in its auxiliary industry and the Airbus tractor, the largest European manufacturer.

In the first five months of 2022, Andalusia is the national leader in exports with 626 million euros in sales, 42% of the total, thanks to an increase of 34% compared to the same interval of the previous year. It is an industry that provides great diversification to Andalusian sales, reaching three continents with its top ten markets. Specifically, the first Andalusian aeronautical market in this period has been Belgium, with 261 million and an increase of 96% (42% of the total); Turkey, second market, with 126 million, 20.1% and an increase of 1,536%, multiplying by 16; followed by France, with 74 million and a drop of 63% (11.8% of the total).

In fourth position is the United States, with 31 million and an increase of 78%; followed by Mali, with 29.7 million, and Germany, with 26.9 million and an increase of 6.4%. In this period, the growth of sales to the United Arab Emirates stands out, in fourteenth position, with 1.8 million, six-fold its sales (+531%) and South Korea (1.6 million), which rose above the double (+138%).

By provinces, the province of Seville leads sales, with 618 million euros, practically the total of the export bill (99%) and a rise of 37%; followed by Cádiz, with 3.4 million and a decrease of 63%. On the other hand, sales have been mainly of aircraft (helicopters, airplanes) and space vehicles (including satellites) and their launch vehicles and suborbital vehicles, which have accounted for 72% of exports, with 448 million euros and a rise of 47% with respect to the data for the same period of the previous year.